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The release of A Rolling Stone is the third book of the Irish Sisters Trilogy, which is part of the Montana Sky Series. I’d originally planned to write two novellas set in my Montana Sky Series about twin sisters who emigrate from Ireland to my Montana town of Sweetwater Springs. I wrote and published A Valentine’s Choice, and was part way into book two, An Irish Blessing, when I realized I kept referencing the twins’ older sister Catriona, who’d eloped with a peddler before they left Ireland. The twins didn’t know what happened to her, and she didn’t know they’d left home. So soon the wild sister had her own story, when Catriona unexpectedly shows up in Sweetwater Springs, pregnant with an illegitimate baby.

Catriona calls her unwanted, unborn child “Flea” for the saying, “If you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas. I wanted to call the book, A Family for Flea, but that title was nixed by my editor, and I chose the A Rolling Stone for the hero, Moss Callahan, who’s a drifter until he catches Catriona when she faints.

Next up is Singing Montana Sky, the story of opera singer Sophia Maxwell, who will be challenged to find out who she is when she can no longer sing. Singing Montana Sky is on preorder for an August release.

Go to my Montana Sky Kindle World tab to see the latest Montana Sky stories written by other authors.

I hope you stay warm and cozy reading books during the winter storms. I certainly am!

Debra Holland


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Book Three in the Irish Sisters Trilogy

Abandoned by the father of her illegitimate baby and pretending to be a widow, Catriona O’Donnell leaves Ireland to find her twin sisters in America. She intends to put her wild past behind her and, once united with her sisters, establish roots and make a home for her unwanted child.. Read more!

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A Rolling Stone